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Dryer Vent Cleaning  Raleigh NC CMR Air Duct Cleaning is a company located in Raleigh NC which specializes in dryer vent cleaning. Over the years we have literally done thousands of dryer vent cleaning from residential houses all they way to multi- family housing and laundrymats.

The Biggest Problems Are: 

We have ran into every case you can possibly think of. One of the biggest problems we run into are birds getting into the vents and building nests. There are certain steps that can be taken to prevent this from happening as well keep your house safe of a fire.

The first step is to get the line cleaned out. The first thing we do when we get to the house is turn the dryer on and go outside and run a pressure test on the line. Once we get the pressure test complete we jet the line out with 200lbs of compressed air. We have different types of agitation tools that are connected on quarter inch rods that  are capable of traveling 100 ft through the vent. Are tools will agitate the walls of the duct breaking the lint loose.

At the same time the compressed air will blow everything out the vent and will be collected outside. After we get the vent cleaned out we go behind the dryer and disconnect the flex line and clean that out. Its important to make sure that flex line is straight and completely sealed up. Every turn in that line will put restriction on that dryer. It will run your costs up and also could do damage to the dryer.

When we get these steps finished we turn the dryer back on and run another pressure testdryer vent cleaning in action Raleigh on the line. This insures that we are getting the proper air flow. It is double checking our work. Now that we have the cleaned out we have to make sure the birds won’t come back. So what we do is is install a 3 louver flap on the outside. The 3 louvers is enough to get the lint out but it’s to small to allow the birds to get in. this is very important. I can’t stress enough you don’t want to install a cage on the outside because this will act as a lint trap. The holes are to small to allow the lint to come out and it acts as a trap and can potentially cause a fire or damage your dryer. We also see a lot of times that if you are having problems with birds in the dryer vent that if you get them out they will go to the bathroom ventilation duct.

The best thing to do is take the time and check all the vents on the exterior of the house. If they are clear then go ahead and install the louvers on all the vents. This will save you money down the road so you don’t have to call your contractor back out. If you follow these simple steps your dryer should dry on the first load and this will keep your energy costs down and get the maximum life from your dryer. If you are experiencing these problems you can call us anytime.

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