Negative Pressure Air Duct Cleaning Raleigh NC

mold in vent duct in a Raleigh HomeWe are a local family owned business here in Raleigh NC.  We Have been doing duct cleaning in Raleigh NC for about 5 years. Air duct cleaning has a lot of benefits. Some of our customers are people with asthma, allergies and houses that contain mold. If the contractor is following standards these problems can be eliminated. We are members of The National Air Duct Cleaners Association. The process we use is the set standard and I have briefly listed it below. We will be using both negative and positive pressure to accomplish this.

Our first step will be to place the ductwork under negative pressure using a 25 hp negative air machine. The machine will be located outside the building and attached to the trunk line with a 10-inch in diameter vacuum line.    Utilizing the system under negative pressure will help us out in two different ways.

  • Firstly, the negative pressure will prevent the release of anything out of the duct work into the building during cleaning as it will serve as a constant vacuum.
  • Secondly, we will use the negative pressure along with positive pressure to clean out the duct work.   The positive pressure is 200 lbs of compressed air.
  • We use different types of agitation tools that are attached to ¼ inch air lines.  The negative pressure and the positive pressure work together to thoroughly clean the duct work.   Anything in the duct work will be filtered through our machine. These tools travel up to 100 feet through the duct work and push everything toward the vacuum line.

After the duct work is clean we will then sanitize the system with an anti-microbial agent.   This process will take place while the system is under negative pressure.

  • We will induce the sanitizer into the system with a fogging machine.    This machine will break the liquid down into parts per million and it will dissipate into a fog which will be induced into every vent.   The negative pressure from our machine will pull the sanitizer into our vacuum line.   This process will ensure that every square inch of the duct work has been coated with our sanitizer.
  •  All of the vent covers, diffusers and air handlers will also be cleaned and sanitized.

Its good to shop around and compare prices but you want to make sure who ever is doing the work has the proper education, insurance, equipment and referrals. The price our company gives is out the door. When we leave your house nothing can be done to get the system any more cleaner. Be sure to ask your contractor is their any hidden cost. If so what are they and how much is worst case scenario. Our company also provides a video scan of the duct work once its complete. This will insure the job is done right and its clean. We provide our customers with this video. Its downloaded on a flash drive then that flash drive is yours to keep. By following these simple steps will make sure your system is clean and sanitized properly.