Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Company Helping hotels, science labs, computer companies, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, and many more commercial properties

commercial ddc vav systemCMR air duct cleaning is located in Raleigh NC. We are a certified company that is capable of handling of residential houses, mufti-family and large scale commercial projects. I have seen an increase for this work due to energy savings, microbial growth in duct work, sick building syndrome, and also buildings where clean air is needed.

We have done work for hotels, science labs, computer companies, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, and many more commercial properties.  In this article I wanted to talk about large scale commercial buildings and how we go about completing these projects.

The first thing we do is get a set of mechanical prints of the structure these prints play a very important role because this allows us to plan the project from beginning to end. These systems can be so big and complex that it has to be broken down and done one section at a time. . Our first step is to plan accordingly with facility management team.

There all multiple steps that have to be taken before the work can begin like ensuring the systems are turned off, fire systems are off and safety practices have been taken. These are just a few things. We always start at the return side of the system and start our cleaning process there. The reason we do that is because of we can’t do the entire system in one day then we don’t want to cross contaminate our work.Once we get the return side done then we start on the air handlers.

We have commercial HVAC technicians that do all the preventive maintenance on these units. We will have another crew working at the same on on the supply side starting from the air handler working towards the VAV boxes and fan coil units. As the duct work is being cleaned working towards these units are HVAC technicians our following closely behind doing the preventive maintenance on the VAV boxes and fan coil units.

The commercial air duct cleaning will continue until we reach all the diffusers and supply vents. This work of course is being done with truck mounted negative air machines attached the duct work. We follow these steps to insure we don’t contaminate the indoor air. There is a lot more to these projects but this article was just a few key steps that we take.