Dry Ice Blasting Principles

Cleaning with dry ice! This new development is quickly expanding around the world. One system uses small rice size pellets of dry ice shooting them out of a jet nozzle with compressed air. It works somewhat like sandblasting or high-pressure water or steam blasting, with superior results. The frigid temperature of the dry ice -109.3°F or -78.5°C “blasting” against the material to be removed, causes it to shrink and lose adhesion from its sub surface. Additionally when some of of dry ice penetrates through the material to be removed, it comes in contact with the underlying surface. The warmer sub surface causes the dry ice to convert back into carbon dioxide gas. The gas has 800 times greater volume and expands behind the material speeding up its removal. Paint, oil, grease, asphalt, tar, decals, soot, dirt, ink, resins, and adhesives are some of the materials removed by this procedure. Only the removed material must be disposed of, as the dry ice sublimes into the atmosphere.

Replaces Sandblasting

This method is superior to sandblasting because the dry ice is soft enough not to pit or damage the underlying surface. The dry ice sublimes quickly into the air and only the removed material must be cleaned up. Dry Ice blasting eliminates equipment damage in two ways. First, dry ice does not erode or wear away the targeted surface as traditional grit media and even wire brushes do. This means that surface integrity and critical tolerances are preserved and equipment will not have to be replaced due to surface erosion common with sand, glass beads, and other abrasive media. Second, with traditional cleaning methods, equipment is often damaged (bumped, dropped, etc.) while in transit to or from the dedicated cleaning area. Instead most equipment and machinery can be cleaned while in place.

Replaces Steam or Water Blasting

Dry ice blasting is also an improvement over steam and water blasting for several reasons:
1) Electrical parts and generators can be immediately put back into service used without waiting to dry.
2) Radioactive contaminate removal doesn’t require large storage containers for contaminated water.
3) Mildew and mold removal are far more complete with less chance of regeneration because of water vapor or moisture.
4) Dry ice blasting removes more algae, sea slime, and mussels on boat hulls, than water blasting, which allows the organic matter to reattach sooner.

Replaces Environmentally Damaging Solvents

Finally Dry Ice blasting is used in place of many environmentally damaging solvents. These chemicals include trichlorethane, methylene chloride, perchlorethane, orthodichlorobenzene, cresylic acid, and caustic solutions. Since dry ice evaporates completely as a gas it leaves no wastes. Only the material being removed must be disposed of. When dry ice cleaning replaces hazardous chemical cleaners the disposal cost of that chemical is eliminated. Tinker Air Force Base has reported it eliminated hazardous waste disposal associated with 17,000 gallons of chemicals they no longer need to use each year because of dry ice cleaning.


(1) The loud noise produced requires protective ear equipment and may cause irritation to other people nearby although newer machines are much quieter.
(2) Effective cleaning can only occur in a straight line of sight from the Dry Ice jet nozzle. Sometimes parts can be dissembled to help.
(3) Large amounts of carbon dioxide are released which can be harmful if not ventilated out of the space.


Adhesives are easily removed in comparison to alternative methods as the lowered temperature serves to weaken the adhesive bond. Many companies are blast cleaning old labels off containers that are being re-used. Abrasive methods often generate heat and can therefore fail with some adhesive removal.

Fire remediation

Dry Ice cleaning is extremely effective in removing toxic residues, soot, and associated smells after a fire. Independent dry ice blasters often work with major insurance companies over a large geographic area to quickly clean fire and smoke damaged locations.

Food manufacturing and processing equipment use

Build up of surface contaminants such as oils, grease, proteins, packaging glue and more, that prevents equipment from operating at peak efficiency and in a sanitary and compliant condition. Unfortunately, traditional manual cleaning methods are time-consuming, not fully effective, require disassembly, and often involve significant amounts of water, chemicals, and resulting waste water costs. “Dry ice cleaning offers a superior cleaning process that can reduce cleaning time by up to 80%, depending on the application, and eliminate secondary waste, resulting in a significant deduction in overall cleaning costs” according to industrial leader Polar Clean.

Dry ice blast cleaning can be effectively used on food contact surfaces, adjoining equipment, support equipment (such as forklifts), and on reducing built-up dirt and loose paint chips in your facility itself. It is effective in confined spaces, such as storage bins, silos, tanks, and other hard to reach areas that must be kept clean and dry.

Dry Ice cleaning of the surface of products will remove mold, mildew and other fungi, as well as stopping odors at the source by eliminating unwanted organisms. Dry Ice cleaning is 100% ecologically safe, USDA rated, biodegradable and harmless to humans, animals and marine life.
Additional Places Dry Ice Cleaning Has Been Used

Electrical Commercial
Electronic/electrical control panels
Cable trays Motors/Stators
Printed Circuit Boards
Switch Gear
Robotic Equipment
Sub-Stations Buildings
Hospitals Nursing Homes
Heating/Cooling Systems
Bricks Wood
Graffiti Decal Removal
Food Industrial
Processing Equipment
Equipment Ceilings
Bake-Off trays
Packaging Areas and Equipment
Cigarette/Cigar Smoke
Beauty Salons
Waste Containers
Nuclear Decontamination
Fire Restoration

Molding Equipment
Butt Welders
Process Equipment
Manufacturing Equipment
Ship Hulls
Automobiles Interiors
Printing Presses
Pulp/Paper Equipment
Oil Field Equipment
Boiler Tubes

Resource: http://www.dryiceinfo.com/cleaning.htm

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More Information On Air Duct cleaning in Raleigh NC

Duct cleaning in Raleigh area typically refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system parts (HVAC) of required air systems, including the supply and return air shaft and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers cooling and heating coils, condensate drain pans and drip pans, fan motor and follower housing, and the air dealing with system housing.

Typically, a service provider will make use of specialized tools to dislodge dirt and other debris in ducts, then vacuum them out with a high-powered vacuum using the guide lines set by the NADCA.

Happy family after air duct cleaningIf no person in your home experiences allergies or unusual signs or health problems and if, after a visual evaluation of the inside of the ducts, you see indicator that your air shaft are infected with huge deposits of dust or mold and mildew odor or visible mold development, having your air ducts cleaned is needed.

Suggestions for selecting a Raleigh Duct Cleaning Service supplier. To discover companies that provide duct cleaning company, check your Yellow Pages under “duct cleaning” or contact the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) at the address and phone number in the details section found at the end of this assistance. Do not assume that all duct cleaning service suppliers are equally experienced and accountable. When the provider concern your home, ask to show you the contamination that would justify having your Raleigh homes ducts cleaned.

You may have gotten a pamphlet in the mail or a phone call late at night marketing low-cost air duct cleaning in Raleigh area at prices next to nothing. While these ads are undoubtedly untrue to some, they are becoming more popular due to the fact that house owners are still succumbing to these tempting plans. By swamping the marketplace with these untrue cases at low air shaft cleaning, they are regrettably clouding real customers’ opinions with false cases when, actually, there are professional business thinking about doing top-notch help their clients.

How can you find the difference in between an air duct cleaning fraud and a real pro? The first thing to look for is the price. If it seems ridiculously reasonable for the services provided, chances are it’s too good to be true. The typical rate variety for a professional air duct cleaning varieties from $ 400 – $ 1000 so if the special offer is much less than that, the scammer alarm system must be going off at this point. Advertisements for less than $ 100 must certainly be stayed away from. Since you most likely don’t check into your air ducts frequently, it may be a while until you notice the poor job performed.

Secondly, some fraudsters try to push additional service or products such as carpeting cleaning as a last ditch initiative to get something from you, however do not be deceived. These services will be equally reasonable top quality as the air duct cleaning they plan on reducing corners on. While there are professional business that supply several services, these business have the tendency to focus on long-range servicing instead of cleaning your air shaft and leaving town. Bear in mind, if the business agent makes you feel hurried or unconfident in your decision-making, they undoubtedly do not have your greatest passion in thoughts.

Homeowners should not be inhibited from acquiring their air shaft washed, as it is a necessary service and can save money in the long run. Do not acquire rushed into choosing by door-to-door agents or cold calls inquiring about the last time your air ducts were cleansed. Be proactive and ask around. Professional companies desire a client for life; they do not want to clean your ducts and go away. Avoid these air duct cleaning frauds by doing your research and purchasing around advantageous high quality HVAC business. Contrast the rates and reviews located online to make the choice that best suits your pocket book without sacrificing quality job. It is your house; do not take any sort of Raleigh NC Area solution choice gently.

Getting Air Duct-work Cleaned In Raleigh NC

Duct Cleaning Video InspectionThere could be several things that might be with your air ducts and you’re not mindful of all of them. The first is an accumulation of dirt, particles, plant pollen, dog pet pollen, substances, as well as other contaminants. These guys mildew and also mold spores that may get dangerous affects on the family members. Furthermore, pests, like mice or perhaps bugs, may by inside the channels. These items may affect your current family’s well being as well as slow up the air flow for a Air conditioning method.

Toxins In Air Ducts

Based on the Usa Epa, in house air pollution is one of the hourly caregivers environmental health problems. The reason being properties less difficult a lot more air small currently to cut back atmosphere infiltration and improve vitality cost savings. When the atmosphere will be captured within, a lot of pollution tend to be caught within by using it. Over time, some impurities will relax your own ducts. They’ll be re-circulated into the property and also cause problems which range from causing moderate hypersensitive reactions to irritating respiratory system problems.

Sometimes you may manage to tell if there’s a significant amount of this particles. You could actually see dust and debris coming from the environment in the registers. Furthermore, examine the actual subscribes if there is an piling up of the dust and dirt in it you almost certainly have dust and debris inside of as well.

Mold In Air Ducts

In case you have water leaky in close proximity to ductwork or you have got higher levels of dampness at your residence, you could have a problem with mold. While mildew expands, it produces mildew spores and the can impact your own breathing. Many people tend to be allergic this means you will result in itchy sight along with hacking and coughing. In some people it could possibly cause a great symptoms of asthma as well as destruction the bronchi.

If you or a support technical assistant locates just what definitely seems to be mildew, it is best to own it examined since other activities can be shown being mold. If it is mildew, you’ll have to have your tubes cleaned thoroughly. You will also must discover your reason behind the mold and fix it, or even the mildew will just come back.

Pests In Air Ducts

Sometimes, mice as well as insects will certainly at times find their way to your ductwork so you wouldn’t want them to use up long lasting home there. If you see proof this specific, the ducts need to be cleaned without delay.

Another benefit of having the ductwork cleaned out is the removal of fabric, dirt, and also building materials. If you have a new residence, or also have your house refurbished, it might be great to have the tubes cleaned to eliminate fabric from insulating material, sawdust, items of sheetrock, as well as other forms of construction resources. By cleaning your air ducts these are not going to end up in the air and also possible aggravate your nose, neck, or even lung area.

Air Duct Cleaning In Raleigh NC

The important benefits of keeping your homes air duct system clean with regular air duct cleaning.

The Air Quality In Your Home. Air duct cleaning is crucial to healthy and clean indoor air. Allergens pollen, pet dander, hair, etc., dust and debris and toxins mold, mildew, mouse droppings, etc. are routinely found in home HVAC systems. If your air ducts are not cleaned on a regular basis, these pollutants can be blasted into your home via the heating and cooling systems. Remember, you don’t have to have allergies or asthma as many of these pollutants have been shown to cause severe illnesses in some cases.

Allergies such as Hay fever and Asthma. If anyone living in your home already suffers from allergies or asthma, air duct cleaning can help to provide a healthy environment for allergy and asthma sufferers. Regular cleaning has been proven to reduce the quantity of allergens and pollutants found in your home, ultimately reducing the chances for allergies and other serious illnesses.

The Nasty Odors comming from the duct work. A musty or moist odor in your home often means that mold and or mildew is already lurking in your air ducts. Air fresheners, scented candles or incense will only mask dirty air for a short while. Professional cleaning can eliminate the smells almost completely in a very short while.

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