Mold In Air Ducts Big Issue

mold in a vent duct here in RaleighMold in the HVAC system is becoming a big issue in the Raleigh NC area. In the past couple of years I’ve have seen a increase in this service.

The first step in resolving this issue starts with a complete scan and inspection of the system. I need to find the source of the problem and eliminate it. Once the source has been found then we can start the process of remediation the mold.

There are different types of duct work in houses. Houses that are usually 25 years or older, it’s common to find metal duct work. The newer houses usually have plastic corrugated flex line wrapped on the outside with insulation. These surfaces we can treat for mold and 9 times out of 10 get rid of it. The problem you can run into is the surfaces that have insulation.

We can’t treat mold on a porous surface. I can treat the top of it but not the interior of it. So our post inspection we find these areas of concern and do evaluation of whether or not it needs cleaned or tore out. When in doubt tear it out. So once we get the source of our problem fixed we start the cleaning process. We use truck mount negative air machine. The negative air machine are connected to the system and then started. I first clean the entire system.

After the system is clean then we can start applying the chemical.  We start are negative air machine and it puts your entire system under negative pressure. This is a very important step because we don’t want to contaminate the indoor air. By having the system of negative this insures everything in the duct work will be filtered to our machine outside. Also by utilizing the system under negative we are able to sanitize the entire system. The anti-microbial we use comes in a liquid form. So what we do is we put in a machine called a fogger.

The fogger will break this liquid down to a fog. So as we have system under negative pressure we go to every vent in the house and start shooting that fog in to the vent. The positive pressure from the fogger and the negative pressure from our negative air machine will pull the fog through the vent. This will insure that entire system is covered in that anti-microbial. We leave are negative air machine running until the anti-microbial has reacted and dried. This also prevents the release of it in the indoor air. This the only way you can successfully coat the system with the chemical. You need to figure this, if you just take that fogger and shoot it down the duct it’s only going to go about 10 or 15 down or reach the first bend and it will stop. You have to have some kind of negative pressure working with the positive pressure to pull the chemical through the duct work. I work with multiple mold remediation companies in NC. This method is a proven one with scientific evidence to back it up.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association has had multiple study’s done on this and it works. CMR air duct cleaning are proud members of the association and follow their code of ethics.

Mold May Be Slowly Killing You – Check Your Air Ducts Fast

Does your family suffer from allergies that have “magically” appeared? Are areas of your house such as the basement and attic damp at times? You may have a mold problem, a serious infection of fungus in your home that can cause health problems for you and your family. This article takes a look at one of the most important areas of mold defense in your home – the air ducts.

Air ducts are important to mold because they offer the two most crucial resources needed for a thriving mold colony – transportation and moisture. Mold, like most fungi, reproduces through spores. Millions of microscopic spores are released by established colonies into the air. Normally, natural wind pushes these spores into new areas to form colonies. Unfortunately for the homeowner, air conditioning systems create artificial wind, pushing any spores that enter the home through the air ducts and eventually into moist areas. In addition to this problem, air conditioners “sweat”, or release moisture as a result of the cooling process, thereby feeding the visiting mold spores.

Solving a mildew problem is not simple unless it is caught early. Mold colonies are destructive to a wide range of household building materials, and because mold requires moisture to survive there is an increased risk of water damage as well. Air duct inspection is necessary at least once per year in very humid environments to ensure that mold colonies have not begun to proliferate. Both this inspection and air duct cleaning should be performed by a professional due to health concerns.

The health concerns of mold and mildew are many. The spores released by established colonies often cause allergic reactions in many people. Because the spores are being formed by colonies within the home and transported through the home by the air conditioning system, allergy sufferers will not find relief in any part of the home. Even more dangerous is the threat of mycotoxins, or toxic substances produced by some species of mildew. Mycotoxins can range in effect from mild illness to debilitation, even death. For this reason, it is not recommended to ignore mold infections or attempt to rid of them unprofessionally.

If you suspect you have a mold problem, start with the air conditioning system and air ducts. Considering the risk of damage to your family’s health, air duct cleaning is definitely worth the expense. Having a professional air duct inspection and cleaning will not only rid your home of destructive mildew, but it will keep your family safe from the possibly toxic effects of mold colonies living in your home.

Mold is an especially problematic issue in North Carolina due to the high humidity environment. As the humid air is sucked into air conditioning systems, it is circulated throughout the home. The water vapor in humid air has to go somewhere, and a malfunctioning air duct system may be the perfect breeding ground for mold and deadly spores. Having a professional air duct inspection may reveal areas of dripping or leakage, or even worse, areas of mold infestation. Again, it is strongly discouraged for any non-professional to attempt to clean these areas. In fact, mold and mildew is so resilient that attempts to clean infested areas may result in a simple resurgence of mold in a few weeks. Even so, the health concerns of toxic mold dictate that professionals should perform air duct cleaning and inspection.

If you think your home has a mildew issue, or you are due for your routine air duct inspection, please contact our company. We will professionally inspect and clean your air ducts, ensuring the safety of your family. Please do not put this important task off – you owe it to your family to keep your home safe and protected. Call us today!

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