The Importance of Cleaning Dryer Vents

Did you know that a hidden menace in your home is your dryer? According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1998, 15,600 fires began because of dryers. This resulted in 20 deaths and 370 injuries. Ignoring a few small but important maintainence tasks can lead to a damaging fire is still unknown to many.

Did you know that you should clean your lint screen before and after each and every use? The lint that builds up on the screen can ignite. Lint can also accumulate behind the dryer. Cleaning behind the dryer and keeping the area surrounding the dryer clear at all times is of utmost importance.

Outside exhaust vents should be cleaned periodically to ensure that they are not blocked. Checking these vents for blockages should be done while the dryer is operating. If the air flow is weak, there is probably a blockage that needs to be cleared. This is accomplished by disconnecting the vent from the opening and removing the lint blockage. Be sure to reconnect the vent before using the dryer again.

Accordian plastic or foil ducts should be replaced by semi-rigid metal ducts. The chance of more lint being trapped in the accordian-like structure is greatly increased because of the shape of the duct as the heat builds up inside.

Inside of the chasis of the dryer also gathers lint and creates a fire hazzard. This should be cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. Heavier use of the dryer requires that this process be implemented more often than a lesser used dryer.

When drying clothes that have been soiled with volatile substances such as gasoline or oil, it is strongly suggested that you wash them more than once and remove them immediately once the dryer cycle has ended. It is also suggested that you dry such clothes on a lower heat setting to further avoid the possibility of a fire.

The importance of knowing about cleaning dryer vents and checking often should not be ignored. Be sure to tell everyone you know. You may be saving a life.

Reasons to Hire a Raleigh Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

The proper maintenance of automatic clothes dryers includes keeping the dryer free from lint and debris. The lint can build up inside the vent, the lint trap, and in the vent hose that runs behind the dryer. Many problems can be traced back to the build-up of lint inside the dryer. There are several good reasons to have a dryer vent cleaning performed routinely. One concern is over safety, another efficiency, and finally, appliance longevity.


The accumulation of too much debris in the dryer vent can lead to a fire. Dryer lint is an extremely flammable material that can ignite very easily. Proper maintenance includes keeping the dryer vent cleared of lint. The lint trap should be cleared each time a load is removed from the appliance. Additionally, hiring a professional dryer vent cleaning service adds an extra measure of safety and peace of mind. A qualified service professional will be able to clean the inside of the dryer body as well as the vent. Checking behind the dryer for lint build-up is another step in safely maintaining the dryer.


A dryer that runs with too much lint clogging the vent will not run efficiently. It will take longer to dry each load, consuming far more electricity than is necessary. This can raise the average electric bill by as much as $20 per month. A load of clothes that comes out at the end of a timed cycle still damp, but very hot is an obvious sign of too much lint.

Appliance life

Too much lint build up will cause the dryer to work harder and wear out sooner. A good sign the dryer has too much lint build up occurs when the screen in the lint traps shows no lint after a load is cycled through. A clogged vent will lessen the amount of hot air that passes through the hose, causing the dryer to heat up more than normal. This will make the unit work harder than usual, increasing the likelihood of breakdown and shortening the life of the dryer.

For safety’s sake, a dryer vent cleaning performed regularly by a professional service is well worth the money. In the long run, it will save money by extending the life and the efficiency of the dryer.