The air duct cleaning business is very competitive in the Raleigh Area. Even with all the competitive duct cleaner customer do not always get the service from many of the companies that they deserve and need.  My company is 100% service driven and will always care about it’s customers. Should you are a friend need me I am always just a call away.  My life is helping people breath clean.

Question and Answers about Air Duct Cleaning Near Raleigh NCShould I have the air duct cleaned before I move into a brand new home since there was a lot of dust from the construction work that may have build up inside the ducts during construction?

I am Ron Nichols the owner of CMR air duct cleaning in Raleigh NC. My company does between 2-6 houses of duct cleaning each day in Raleigh. I have seen an increase in our air duct cleaning services on new construction. In this article I want to discuss why this can be important after your new home or commercial property has been built.

During the construction process there is an extreme amount of dust, dirt and debris filling the air. This is called indoor air pollution. The HVAC system is one of the first things installed on a new construction house or commercial property. Once the system is installed then the other contractors come in and start the finishing process of the project. The one thing that we have found is that when then system is installed the other contractors will come in and turn the system on. If it’s a nice summer day and its 95 degrees’ out they need the ac running to cool the house. What some contractors don’t understand is that the air in the house is recycled back through the system on an average of 9-12 times a day.

With this said after the HVAC system is installed proper preventive maintenance must start immediately if not all the construction dirt will contaminate the duct work. If you have a sheetrock rock or painting contractor trying to cure there materials quicker than anything associated with their work is contaminating the brand new duct work. I have builders that have us come in after the home or commercial properties are complete and have us clean the air ducts out. These guys really care about their customer and the air that they are breathing. Another problem we have run into is with hardwood floors.

This creates a lot of dust and if the registers are in the floor then you can almost guarantee it’s going to get in the ducts. So our service is very important when the house is complete. The best time schedule us is with the cleaners. This will insure you’re moving into a nice clean house and good indoor air. You can visit us at for a free estimate.

Ron Nichols Air Duct Cleaning Contractor in Raleigh NCRon Nichols
CMR Air  Duct Cleaning
Raleigh, NC

Question and Answers about Duct CleaningThis is a question I get all the time. The answer is yes. I’m Ron Nichols and I own a air duct cleaning company in Raleigh NC. CMR air duct cleaning specializes in removing indoor air pollution. Some of the problems that we see in the HVAC system is mold, pet dander, pollen, dirt, construction debris and other contaminates. All this can contribute to allergies, asthma, and other breathing disorders.

There are multiple tests and air quality tests that have proven are service to be very important. In a case where we have mold in the air ducts are service will be followed up by air quality test. These samples are then sent out to a certified lab and tested. The tests are then sent back to us with the results. This is a common procedure we take after working with remediation companies. I refer to this as clearance testing.

Our company has 5 years worth of data from these tests proving our service is very important in the mold remediation process. The benefit of having the air ducts cleaned is we are cleaning up your indoor air and we can sometimes spot a problem a problem before it becomes a serious issue.

Another service we provide is getting rid of smoke smell in the system. We have done a lot of jobs where someone buys a house and it smells like smoke. Once they paint, clean, change carpet and some other things, we come in and treat the system for nicotine. We have proven time after time that it works. Another problem that home and commercial building owners have is heavy dust. We have countless emails saying that’s one of the first things they notice is there dusting is cut down to a minimum. This result you see instantly.

I hope this article answers your question and remember you can always contact us at for a free quote.

Ron Nichols Air Duct Cleaning Contractor Raleigh NCRon Nichols
CMR Air Duct Cleaning


Question and Answers about Duct CleaningCMR air duct cleaning is located in Raleigh NC. I wanted to answer this question for property owners out there who are doing renovations. This is a very important question that I get a lot. The answer is do the carpet first then have us come in. in fact if you are doing a remodel at your house or commercial property you want to make sure the air duct cleaning is the final step. The reason is because the air at the building or house is re-circulated back through the HVAC system 7 to 9 times a day. With that said if you have all kinds of construction going on inside the house, its kicking up all the dust and debris. These particles float around the air and eventually will be circulated throughout the HVAC system. This is especially true if your vents are located in the floor. No matter how hard flooring contractors try to keep the air ducts free of contaminates stuff always seems to fall in them. The last thing you want to do is have us come in there and clean your system then someone come behind us and mess are work up. I tell the property owners to schedule our service with the cleaning\janitorial service. That way we are work together to get the structure clean and the indoor air clean. This will give you a new healthy start to enjoy your project. Our company works hand and hand with high end builders. These builders have us come in at the end of the job to do a final air duct cleaning. This is a very important step and it shows a contractor cares about their customer. Considering a lot of my business is related to asthma, allergies and mold this well help to insure you have good clean air for your family’s to breathe. You can visit my site at for a free quote.

Mold Starting In Air Duct Work In A Raleigh HomeI wanted to write a article on this question. This is question I read on air duct cleaning forums and other places on the web. I own CMR air duct cleaning in Raleigh NC. There are a few ways to accomplish this and im going to list a couple of easy steps to take.

The first thing to do is to educate yourself on the service. A great site to learn about air duct cleaning. I have also made a great reference site with lots of video and articles. Take your time and read the proper methods that should be taken. Our company uses “source removal” method that has been proven to work the best.

Once you have yourself an idea on how the process works its time to find a good air duct Question and Answers about Duct Cleaningcleaning company. Go to the  website and there will be a area to type your zip code in. once you put your zip in then you will get a list of contractors. I strongly recommend this because these are companies with the proper education and tools to get the job done.

Pick a few of them out and start making calls. Another big step is to check references and insurance. Any good contactor will have a certificate of insurance on hand. We carry ares in our trucks. Check their references to. It would really help if they have contacts from larger cooperation’s they have contracts with. That says a lot about a company who is doing work for clients like that.

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