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Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning

Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning

Homeowners frequently ask about the importance of cleaning their duct work. The following questions and answers may help to shed some light on this topic:

1. Why do I have to clean my ducts?

There are several reasons why you should clean your air ducts. Over time, air ducts accumulate dirt, dust, molds and other contaminants. This build-up inside the ducts can lead to poor indoor air quality, and it can impede the flow of heated or cooled air to the rooms of your house. In addition, dirty air ducts can result in higher costs for heating and cooling and can shorten the lifespan of your air conditioner or furnace.

2. Can I do the cleaning job myself?

While you may be able to clean the parts of your ducts that are close to the vents, you probably will not be able to clean the entire length of your duct system. You would be advised to call in professionals trained in servicing residential and commercial heating and cooling systems. They have the expertise and specialized tools required to properly and thoroughly clean your air ducts.

3. How will I know that the people I hire to clean my ducts are fully qualified?

The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) runs a certification program in which service technicians learn the best practices applicable to duct cleaning as well as the accepted industry standards. The program also addresses the environmental aspects of duct cleaning. According, if you hire NADCA-certified technicians, you have some assurance that the people doing the job have the skills and training needed to give you quality service.

4. When the service technicians arrive at my home or business, how will they go about cleaning my ducts?

They will use specialized tools to scrape and loosen the accumulated dirt, dust, mold and other debris from the inside surface of your ducts. Then, they will use an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner to clear away the liberated contaminants. When your ducts are clean, they may apply a mold inhibitor if they deem it necessary.

5. What about the possibility that my air conditioner or furnace will be damaged during duct cleaning?

There is little likelihood that this will happen because the certified technicians are using specialized tools designed to do the job without harming your heating or cooling system.

6. I just installed a new furnace. Do I still need to get my ducts cleaned?

If you are connecting the new furnace to the old duct work, you should have the ducts cleaned after installing the new furnace.

7. I have allergies. If I get my ducts cleaned, will I see any improvement in my allergy symptoms?

Currently, there is no medical evidence to support the conclusion that cleaning your ducts will improve your allergy symptoms. However, it is not unreasonable to expect that you will derive some improvement in allergy symptoms from cleaning your ducts because you are removing a significant source of air pollution from your home or business. When come to Air duct cleaning Raleigh NC the people do believe that the cleaning of the air duct works to help with allergies.

More Information On Air Duct cleaning in Raleigh NC

Duct cleaning in Raleigh area typically refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system parts (HVAC) of required air systems, including the supply and return air shaft and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers cooling and heating coils, condensate drain pans and drip pans, fan motor and follower housing, and the air dealing with system housing.

Typically, a service provider will make use of specialized tools to dislodge dirt and other debris in ducts, then vacuum them out with a high-powered vacuum using the guide lines set by the NADCA.

Happy family after air duct cleaningIf no person in your home experiences allergies or unusual signs or health problems and if, after a visual evaluation of the inside of the ducts, you see indicator that your air shaft are infected with huge deposits of dust or mold and mildew odor or visible mold development, having your air ducts cleaned is needed.

Suggestions for selecting a Raleigh Duct Cleaning Service supplier. To discover companies that provide duct cleaning company, check your Yellow Pages under “duct cleaning” or contact the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) at the address and phone number in the details section found at the end of this assistance. Do not assume that all duct cleaning service suppliers are equally experienced and accountable. When the provider concern your home, ask to show you the contamination that would justify having your Raleigh homes ducts cleaned.

As we get older we realize that dust and mold are major causes of health problems. We breathe dirty air indoors and often wonder why we are having such problem with breathing. I like to think of the air ducts in my home as the lungs that is breathing in all those nasty things that circulated in the air. As a Raleigh air duct cleaner it is my job to make sure my customers breathe clean air. Breathing clean air means less illness and means one quality of life will we good and long. Here are just a few good article that may help you understand why air duct cleaning Raleigh NC is very important to you, your family, your pets.

Raleigh Air Duct Cleaning Help Your Family Breathe Clean

Raleigh Air Duct Cleaning http://RaleighAirDuctCleaning.com Raleigh Air Duct Cleaning Help Your Family Breathe Clean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLeytE59FZ8.

Raleigh Air Duct Cleaning Company That Understands Allergies


Raleigh air duct cleaning understand duct cleaning help with allergy and allergy health problems. We know Allergy make ones life a living hell. I have allergy.

Millions Are Wasted On Air Duct Cleaning Scams – Raleigh Duct


If you look at your home like a living, breathing organism, the air duct system is a lot like the lungs. It provides your Raleigh home with oxygen. Unlike our lungs, air ducts become dirty over time and need to be cleaned regularly. Most homes

Indoor Allergies | Live Healthy Live Well


Indoor Allergies. As fall arrives, many of us are thankful that our summer time allergies are going away. We can say good-bye to the sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, etc. for a few months. There are others though who may



Mad Hatter air duct cleaning Raleigh and Raleigh air duct cleaning companies have one thing in common. We both want our customers to stay away from scams.  Please take a look at this video about duct cleaning scams.

Learn About Air Duct Cleaning Scams in Raleigh Area by visiting this youtube video here or listen to the one above: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDnIFUz80_Y

Mad Hatter air duct cleaning Raleigh and I wish each of you good luck with your air duct cleaning. http://RaleighAirDuctCleaning.com

You may have gotten a pamphlet in the mail or a phone call late at night marketing low-cost air duct cleaning in Raleigh area at prices next to nothing. While these ads are undoubtedly untrue to some, they are becoming more popular due to the fact that house owners are still succumbing to these tempting plans. By swamping the marketplace with these untrue cases at low air shaft cleaning, they are regrettably clouding real customers’ opinions with false cases when, actually, there are professional business thinking about doing top-notch help their clients.

How can you find the difference in between an air duct cleaning fraud and a real pro? The first thing to look for is the price. If it seems ridiculously reasonable for the services provided, chances are it’s too good to be true. The typical rate variety for a professional air duct cleaning varieties from $ 400 – $ 1000 so if the special offer is much less than that, the scammer alarm system must be going off at this point. Advertisements for less than $ 100 must certainly be stayed away from. Since you most likely don’t check into your air ducts frequently, it may be a while until you notice the poor job performed.

Secondly, some fraudsters try to push additional service or products such as carpeting cleaning as a last ditch initiative to get something from you, however do not be deceived. These services will be equally reasonable top quality as the air duct cleaning they plan on reducing corners on. While there are professional business that supply several services, these business have the tendency to focus on long-range servicing instead of cleaning your air shaft and leaving town. Bear in mind, if the business agent makes you feel hurried or unconfident in your decision-making, they undoubtedly do not have your greatest passion in thoughts.

Homeowners should not be inhibited from acquiring their air shaft washed, as it is a necessary service and can save money in the long run. Do not acquire rushed into choosing by door-to-door agents or cold calls inquiring about the last time your air ducts were cleansed. Be proactive and ask around. Professional companies desire a client for life; they do not want to clean your ducts and go away. Avoid these air duct cleaning frauds by doing your research and purchasing around advantageous high quality HVAC business. Contrast the rates and reviews located online to make the choice that best suits your pocket book without sacrificing quality job. It is your house; do not take any sort of Raleigh NC Area solution choice gently.

There is no doubt that a clean heating and air conditioning system is advantageous for any home or business. Aside from the obvious health benefits, many people do not completely realize the cost savings involved. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), also known as The HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration Association, has released a report detailing the benefits of the regular cleaning of heating and air conditioning ducts.

Substantial Cost Savings

Dirty heating and air conditioning systems are failure prone, necessitating more costly repair and replacement than would otherwise be necessary. By engaging a professional cleaning company, there is less chance that heating and cooling systems will either work at a lower capacity or fail entirely.

In addition, unclean heating and cooling systems utilize far more energy than a clean system does. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it costs substantially more that it would if a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule is adhered to.

Productive, energy efficient heating and cooling systems require clean air flow. Only when air flow is at optimum levels, can the system achieve its highest performance levels. When systems become dirty, air flow is substantially reduced. Dirt can clog essential filters, coils, blowers and other key components which all serve to impede air flow.

Not only does this situation reduce air quality and pose health risks, but it also contributes to much higher energy costs than are necessary. Research has found that cleaning heating and cooling systems that are even slightly dirty may result in at least an 11 percent savings; most likely more.

Minimized Health Risks

According to the NADCA and other consumer focused health organizations, heating and cooling systems that are contaminated can cause a host of problems for the occupants of buildings. Improperly maintained systems produce poor indoor air quality with airborne substances, many of which can be toxic and even fatal.

The importance of clean air flow cannot be overemphasized. According to the EPA, in addition to asthma and allergies, major illnesses such as heart disease and lung cancer are worsened by indoor air pollution. Evidence supports what scientists have always suspected – that dirty air can also cause some of these diseases, as well as leading to death.

In addition, there are often reduced comfort levels since unclean heating and cooling systems often do not work properly or at capacity.

Importance of Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services

Thorough heating and air conditioning system cleaning is highly specialized. It greatly differs from routine maintenance that may be provided by technicians cleaning and adjusting furnaces. A professional cleaning service not only cleans and replaces air filters, but they also clean all of the components in the system, such as:

  • Ductwork
  • Vents
  • Registers
  • Blowers
  • Coils
  • Other surfaces exposed to system air flow

Heating and air conditioning duct cleaning is every bit as important as regular car maintenance. The fact is that by regularly cleaning and heating and air conditioning systems, individuals, families and businesses can not only reduce associated health risks, but it also contributes to a higher level of social responsibility by reducing energy consumption. This leads to greater equipment longevity as well as energy bill and fuel savings.

Compared to excessive energy bills and repair costs, over time, regular heating and air conditioning cleaning and maintenance is a bargain that should not be passed up. In addition, there is no price that can be placed on the minimization of health risks from breathing in contaminated or even toxic air, especially when considering the costs of allergy and other medicines, doctor visits and irreversible illnesses.

More information can be found here: Click Here

Question and Answers about Air Duct Cleaning Near Raleigh NCThe answer is YES duct cleaning is worthwhile and NO don’t use a company that uses the Rotobrush System! There a few simple steps that can be taken to do a good inspection on a HVAC system to find out if our service are needed.

The residential home owner or commercial property owner can check the return side of the duct-work to see how bad it’s contaminated. The best way to do this is to take the return filter out and get a good flashlight and shine it down in the vent. If the system needs cleaned you will see all kinds of dirt and debris down there. You can also take a white cloth and wipe the inside of the duct and see what’s on the cloth. Another quick way of checking is find a register on the floor, take it off and stick your hand down there and see what’s in there.

A professional air duct cleaner will take other steps to verify if it needs cleaned out. When I do a inspection I will take off the maintenance panels on the air handler and inspect it. We check the coils, blower, interior housing and other components inside the unit. I will also do a good inspection of the trunk lines and plentium boxes to see their condition. Our company also has cameras that are capable of traveling through the duct-work up to a 100ft. This is how our company does a good inspection of the HVAC system.

We are not big fans of Rotobrush and strongly disagree with using this method. The facts and studies show this method is not as effective as the direct source removal method. CMR air duct cleaning only uses the source removal method.

Our company has a strict code of ethics that we have to follow and we follow it above and beyond.  You can contact us anytime at www.raleighairductcleaning.com for a free inspection.


Ron Nichols Air Duct Cleaning Contractor in Raleigh NCRon Nichols
CMR Air Duct Cleaning in Raleigh NC
Members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)

Question and Answers about Air Duct Cleaning Near Raleigh NCI get this is a question all the time. I wanted to take a few minutes and share my thoughts on this. My name is Ron Nichols I own CMR Air Duct Cleaning in Raleigh NC. One of the first things I would ask a air duct cleaning company is what method are you using to clean the system. The answer should be a direct source removal. This means a negative air machine should be connected to the system. This will put the system under negative pressure. That means if you go to all the vents associated with that unit if you put your hand over the vent you should feel suction or vacuum. The vacuum will prevent contaminates being released in the indoor air. This is very important because we are there to give you clean air not contaminate it. After the system is under negative then some type of agitation will begin in every vent pushing everything to the negative air line. That’s direct source removal explained kind of quickly. You can find video and more information on this topic at www.raleighairductcleaning.com.

Another question I would ask a duct cleaner is what kind of certifications does the company hold. We are a NADCAmold in vent duct in a Raleigh Home certified company and I strongly recommend going with a company that is part of that association. I am a firm believer in education and staying up with new products and equipment. There is a lot going on with this industry and the only way a company can stay on top of everything is to be part of these organizations.

References are a question that should be asked as well. A good air duct cleaning company should be able to provide a long list of residential jobs as well as commercial jobs. Make sure you call them. This is one of the best ways to check on their work. I prefer references of large corporations. That says a lot about a company who has contacts that big.

Check their insurance to. The should be able to provide you with a insurance certificate that has work mans comp. and general liability. These should be in every truck at all times.

I hope this article helps you out. If you ever have any questions about residential or commercial air duct cleaning you can visit us at www.raleighairductcleaning.com or call anytime.


Ron Nichols Air Duct Cleaning Contractor Raleigh North CarolinaRon Nichols
CMR Air Duct Cleaning Company
Raleigh, North Carolina

Air Duct Cleaning Raleigh NC – Find Out Why You Need Air Duct Cleaning In Your Raleigh Home

Our ventilation systems provide the air we breathe in our homes and offices. Most of us spend 90 percent of our time indoors. Because air ducts that transfer air from our heating and air conditioning systems are often hidden for vanity purposes, they’re also forgotten about. Over time, air ducts that transfer hot and cold air throughout indoor environments can become dirty and contaminated, making the air we breathe everyday harmful.

mold in vent duct in a Raleigh HomeAir ducts that transfer indoor air are a breeding ground for a variety of contaminants such as mold, mildew, infectious bugs and even mice, which leave droppings and carry diseases. Dust and pollen are also transferred from air ducts. When air is carried through air ducts which we breathe every day, the contaminants are carried along with it. All of these potential health hazards can affect our well being, especially for those who have allergies and other health problems related to breathing.

Although many believe outdoor air is the cause of many health and environmental issues, indoor air is more harmful if air ducts and other ventilation systems are not properly maintained. Because indoor air is generally recycled through air ducts over and over, the process of circulating harmful pollutants and contaminants causes more health risks than outdoor air.

Air ducts should be cleaned routinely to ensure a healthy indoor environment. The cleaning process is quick and efficient when performed by professionals with the appropriate skills, tools and equipment. Having your air ducts cleaned by a professional on a routine basis can help alleviate potential health problems and allow to you breathe easy. CMR can evaluate your air ducts and ventilation systems, and clean them at very reasonable rates. Air duct cleaning is crucial to your living environment to promote a healthy space that allows us to breathe easily. Contact CMR for an evaluation today to find the best air duct cleaning solution for your indoor environment.

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