Air Duct Cleaning – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Have you ever turned on your furnace or central air for the first time of the year and got a face full of dust come whooshing out of the vent? That is a great way to tell if your unit is working, but it is not very healthy! Dust blowing around your home every tie the furnace or air conditioner runs is not only unsightly, it can make you sick.

If your family is sneezing and coughing it may be due to all of the accumulated dust being blown into the air. Breathing in dust and pet hair dander can lead to upper respiratory infections, and it is miserable, especially if you have dust or dander allergies. The rest of your home may be immaculate, but let’s face it; most people do not have the capabilities to clean their own duct work. Professionals do have those tools and that is why we turn to them for our cleaning needs.

Duct work in your kitchen, bath and laundry room will have a lot of moisture settling on them. The thought that there may be mildew and mold lurking beyond the vents is not very pleasant. The interior of the ducts is dark and cozy and when you add in the moisture that settles in there, it is a prime breeding ground for mold and mildew. This mold or mildew will become airborne when the air travels through he ducts. A thorough cleaning by a professional air duct service will eliminate this worry.

Cleaning your air ducts will insure that you are providing your family with a happy, healthy dust free home. It will also mean that you will spend less time dusting everything else in your home time and time again. You will also save yourself some money by not having to purchase so many dusting and polishing products. Why not take that extra money and let a professional clean your air ducts, while you spend your extra time enjoying your family in a clean dust free home?

Still not sure if it is an investment you are willing to make? Take one of your vents off, wrap your arm in an old white sheet and reach as far down into the duct work as possible…just don’t get your arm stuck! What do you see when you bring your arm out?

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