Question and Answers about Air Duct Cleaning Near Raleigh NCShould I have the air duct cleaned before I move into a brand new home since there was a lot of dust from the construction work that may have build up inside the ducts during construction?

I am Ron Nichols the owner of CMR air duct cleaning in Raleigh NC. My company does between 2-6 houses of duct cleaning each day in Raleigh. I have seen an increase in our air duct cleaning services on new construction. In this article I want to discuss why this can be important after your new home or commercial property has been built.

During the construction process there is an extreme amount of dust, dirt and debris filling the air. This is called indoor air pollution. The HVAC system is one of the first things installed on a new construction house or commercial property. Once the system is installed then the other contractors come in and start the finishing process of the project. The one thing that we have found is that when then system is installed the other contractors will come in and turn the system on. If it’s a nice summer day and its 95 degrees’ out they need the ac running to cool the house. What some contractors don’t understand is that the air in the house is recycled back through the system on an average of 9-12 times a day.

With this said after the HVAC system is installed proper preventive maintenance must start immediately if not all the construction dirt will contaminate the duct work. If you have a sheetrock rock or painting contractor trying to cure there materials quicker than anything associated with their work is contaminating the brand new duct work. I have builders that have us come in after the home or commercial properties are complete and have us clean the air ducts out. These guys really care about their customer and the air that they are breathing. Another problem we have run into is with hardwood floors.

This creates a lot of dust and if the registers are in the floor then you can almost guarantee it’s going to get in the ducts. So our service is very important when the house is complete. The best time schedule us is with the cleaners. This will insure you’re moving into a nice clean house and good indoor air. You can visit us at for a free estimate.

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