Question and Answers about Air Duct Cleaning Near Raleigh NCThe answer is YES duct cleaning is worthwhile and NO don’t use a company that uses the Rotobrush System! There a few simple steps that can be taken to do a good inspection on a HVAC system to find out if our service are needed.

The residential home owner or commercial property owner can check the return side of the duct-work to see how bad it’s contaminated. The best way to do this is to take the return filter out and get a good flashlight and shine it down in the vent. If the system needs cleaned you will see all kinds of dirt and debris down there. You can also take a white cloth and wipe the inside of the duct and see what’s on the cloth. Another quick way of checking is find a register on the floor, take it off and stick your hand down there and see what’s in there.

A professional air duct cleaner will take other steps to verify if it needs cleaned out. When I do a inspection I will take off the maintenance panels on the air handler and inspect it. We check the coils, blower, interior housing and other components inside the unit. I will also do a good inspection of the trunk lines and plentium boxes to see their condition. Our company also has cameras that are capable of traveling through the duct-work up to a 100ft. This is how our company does a good inspection of the HVAC system.

We are not big fans of Rotobrush and strongly disagree with using this method. The facts and studies show this method is not as effective as the direct source removal method. CMR air duct cleaning only uses the source removal method.

Our company has a strict code of ethics that we have to follow and we follow it above and beyond.  You can contact us anytime at for a free inspection.


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