Question and Answers about Air Duct Cleaning Near Raleigh NCI get this is a question all the time. I wanted to take a few minutes and share my thoughts on this. My name is Ron Nichols I own CMR Air Duct Cleaning in Raleigh NC. One of the first things I would ask a air duct cleaning company is what method are you using to clean the system. The answer should be a direct source removal. This means a negative air machine should be connected to the system. This will put the system under negative pressure. That means if you go to all the vents associated with that unit if you put your hand over the vent you should feel suction or vacuum. The vacuum will prevent contaminates being released in the indoor air. This is very important because we are there to give you clean air not contaminate it. After the system is under negative then some type of agitation will begin in every vent pushing everything to the negative air line. That’s direct source removal explained kind of quickly. You can find video and more information on this topic at

Another question I would ask a duct cleaner is what kind of certifications does the company hold. We are a NADCAmold in vent duct in a Raleigh Home certified company and I strongly recommend going with a company that is part of that association. I am a firm believer in education and staying up with new products and equipment. There is a lot going on with this industry and the only way a company can stay on top of everything is to be part of these organizations.

References are a question that should be asked as well. A good air duct cleaning company should be able to provide a long list of residential jobs as well as commercial jobs. Make sure you call them. This is one of the best ways to check on their work. I prefer references of large corporations. That says a lot about a company who has contacts that big.

Check their insurance to. The should be able to provide you with a insurance certificate that has work mans comp. and general liability. These should be in every truck at all times.

I hope this article helps you out. If you ever have any questions about residential or commercial air duct cleaning you can visit us at or call anytime.


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