Question and Answers about Duct CleaningCMR air duct cleaning is located in Raleigh NC. I wanted to answer this question for property owners out there who are doing renovations. This is a very important question that I get a lot. The answer is do the carpet first then have us come in. in fact if you are doing a remodel at your house or commercial property you want to make sure the air duct cleaning is the final step. The reason is because the air at the building or house is re-circulated back through the HVAC system 7 to 9 times a day. With that said if you have all kinds of construction going on inside the house, its kicking up all the dust and debris. These particles float around the air and eventually will be circulated throughout the HVAC system. This is especially true if your vents are located in the floor. No matter how hard flooring contractors try to keep the air ducts free of contaminates stuff always seems to fall in them. The last thing you want to do is have us come in there and clean your system then someone come behind us and mess are work up. I tell the property owners to schedule our service with the cleaningjanitorial service. That way we are work together to get the structure clean and the indoor air clean. This will give you a new healthy start to enjoy your project. Our company works hand and hand with high end builders. These builders have us come in at the end of the job to do a final air duct cleaning. This is a very important step and it shows a contractor cares about their customer. Considering a lot of my business is related to asthma, allergies and mold this well help to insure you have good clean air for your family’s to breathe. You can visit my site at for a free quote.

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