Mold Starting In Air Duct Work In A Raleigh HomeI wanted to write a article on this question. This is question I read on air duct cleaning forums and other places on the web. I own CMR air duct cleaning in Raleigh NC. There are a few ways to accomplish this and im going to list a couple of easy steps to take.

The first thing to do is to educate yourself on the service. A great site to learn about air duct cleaning. I have also made a great reference site with lots of video and articles. Take your time and read the proper methods that should be taken. Our company uses “source removal” method that has been proven to work the best.

Once you have yourself an idea on how the process works its time to find a good air duct Question and Answers about Duct Cleaningcleaning company. Go to the  website and there will be a area to type your zip code in. once you put your zip in then you will get a list of contractors. I strongly recommend this because these are companies with the proper education and tools to get the job done.

Pick a few of them out and start making calls. Another big step is to check references and insurance. Any good contactor will have a certificate of insurance on hand. We carry ares in our trucks. Check their references to. It would really help if they have contacts from larger cooperation’s they have contracts with. That says a lot about a company who is doing work for clients like that.

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