Hello my name is Ron Nichols. I own CMR air duct cleaning in Raleigh NC. We specialize in commercial air duct cleaning, residential air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.

Commercial Duct Cleaning Lowers Energy CostI wanted to write an article on energy savings after our air duct cleaning service is preformed on large commercial projects. Commercial buildings heating ventilation and air conditioning accounts for about %30 percent of the energy bill cost. This cost can go up with larger structures like computer labs, hospitals,  pharmaceutical manufactures and other businesses where high amounts of electricity is being used. Our air duct cleaning service and preventive maintenance programs is one of the largest things overlooked. This is important because not only does this increase your energy cost but it also contributes to poor indoor air quality, reduced thermal comfort, and also HVAC system failure.

If you want your system to run efficiently it’s important to make sure the proper preventative maintenance is being done. The key to keeping your energy down is proper air flow. Dirty coils, clogged filters, fouled blowers and other components will cause your HVAC system to work harder. A professional air duct cleaner will insure that every component that has to do with the air flow will be cleaned. This will increase the air flow dramatically. Its one thing to clean the air ducts but this is only half the job. On a lightly fouled system researchers have shown at least a %11 savings on the heating and air conditioning. I have seen these numbers increase up to %30 percent on a heavily fouled system. If you’re a commercial building owner with multiple structures this can get up to millions of dollars. The biggest problem I have encountered is dirty coils. We have seen dirt, debris, and other airborne contaminates clog a coil. The air needs to be flowing through that coils with no obstructions. These problems can also contribute to microbial and mold. We are at a point with the economy that commercial buildings and large commercial companies are looking for ways to cut back costs. This service has proven to show the savings that they are looking for.

The federal government has also came up with programs and incentives that reward companies who play their part on making the buildings run more efficiently. The LEED program is a great example. We have done multiple commercial air duct cleaning jobs that focused on new construction to get rid of construction contaminates. These projects’ we performed pressure tests on the supply side and return side of the system to and measured the difference in air flow to insure it was at manufacturer’s specs. Another way we check our work is to take video scans of the system. Our cameras travel up to 100 ft through the air ducts. We then download the video on a flash drive for the building’s owner or occupant. Some commercial properties actually incorporate energy meters that monitor the energy being used on the air handlers. CMR air duct cleaning is committed to keeping you HVAC system clean and running at its maximum ability. We work with multiple associations and air duct cleaning suppliers to insure we have the proper education, resources and equipment to meet these high standards. You can visit us at www.raleighairductcleaning.com for a free quote.  We are members of www.nadca.com .

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