The high-volume ventilation systems in both residential and commercial buildings move a tremendous amount of air over the course of years of operation, and that can lead to a build-up of dust and other potential allergens. To improve air quality, air circulation, and overall efficiency of the ventilation of a building, air duct cleaning is an important service to have carried out every so often.

mold in a vent duct here in RaleighVentilation systems specialists have a number of tools at their disposal for working on air ducts, but easily the most effective is the manipulation of air pressure to create a powerful draft within the ducts. Essentially, an air compressor is rigged at one of the terminal ends of the duct system, and fires compressed air into the ducts under tremendous pressure. On a different, opposing terminal end, a machine is rigged up to the duct that can create a suction effect, and that feeds that negative air flow into a large collection bag. What this essentially creates is a wind tunnel that forcible removes sedentary material that has collected in the air ducts over time.

On the receiving end of the system, the machine that creates the vacuum is sealed to the dimensions of the air duct in question using sturdy, large-diameter hoses. In this way, the hoses can be moved from duct to duct, allowing specialists to move quickly once one section has been cleaned.

For material that has impacted itself against the walls of the air ducts, other tools are needed in order to thoroughly complete the job. Long, air-powered extensions with aggregating flails can be used to manually free heavier dirt and grim, and can be extended within the air duct system for up to 100 feet.

Once the entire system is clean and fully sanitized, including the HVAC unit itself, the ducts are resealed and given a final inspection. Occupants of the building will notice a substantial improvement in the air quality almost immediately, and anyone that may have previously suffered from allergy problems or sinus issues while indoors just might be able to breath a sigh of relief.

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