NADCA LogoToday I wanted to discuss the importance of preventive maintenance after we clean all the air ducts in your residential house or commercial property. One of the main questions I get after we clean the HVAC system is what we can do to keep are HVAC system clean. There are a few important steps that can be taken to cut down on indoor air pollution.

The property owner should first start out by changing their filters on the regular basis. This is important because all the air returned back through your system will pass through this filter. If the filter gets clogged and dirty then it’s only a matter of time before you start contaminating your system with dirt dust and other debris. This is also important because your HVAC system needs to breath. If the system can’t pull air in then it has a hard time putting air out. We personally like a good fabric filter. They seem to filter the air a lot better than the fiberglass woven filter.

The best thing to do is to mark the date on the filter so you can remember when you changed it last. The average structure should be changing these out 30-90 days depending on what’s going on in the indoor air atmosphere. If you have a dusty house or a lot of pet dander then you may want to change it out more frequently. In cases where someone may have asthma, allergies or other breathing disorders then this will help as well. We are NC so we have a nasty pollen season here. This is a time you need to watch HVAC system closely because it gets dirty quick.

Another important step is to make sure your cleaning the coils, blower motor, condensate pan and drain, and the interior housing of your air handler. This should be done at least twice a year. The coil will trap a lot of contaminates. This can increase your energy bill and cause your system to work harder and cut the life span of the system down. The coil will sweat when the air conditioning is on and drip into the pan. This can also become a breeding ground for mold. If the drain gets clogged then the condensation can back up into the unit that can also start microbial growth along with a lot of other issues. This is one of the main sources of mold in air ducts. So these are very important steps to keeping the air ducts clean and getting the most from your system.

In cases where there are a lot of pets in the home we also recommend sanitizing the system once a year. This can help keep the pet dander down as well as kill anything that’s associated with what they bring in the house. This service doesn’t take long and you will see a instant difference in the air.

I hope this article helps you out by pointing out some important steps that follow our service.


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