Proper Duct Cleaning Methods Used By Professional Air Duct Cleaning Companies

mold in vent duct in a Raleigh HomeThis has been a topic of discussion for a long time. How do you successfully clean and restore a HVAC system back to its original condition or close to it. There are different methods that air duct cleaning companies have been using for years. Until recently there hasn’t been a set standard for the industry.  The National Air Duct Cleaners Association came up with the ACR. This has been a study done for years and they came up with a few methods of properly cleaning and inspecting the HVAC system. In this article I want to discuss direct source removal which is the NADCA approved method my company uses. The other method I want to discuss is a rotary brush with a vacuum system installed on it. Its name is rotobrush.

I own a company called CMR air duct cleaning. We have been doing duct cleaning in Raleigh NC for about 5 years. We use the direct source removal method. The way this method is done is by connecting a negative air machine to the system and cleaning the system from each vent as its under negative pressure.

The negative pressure will work together with positive pressure and agitation tools to get the system clean. The most important reason why have system under negative pressure is because we don’t want to contaminate the indoor air. If you start going to all the vents in the house and start sticking brushes in the vent it loosens all the debris in there. So every time you pull the brush out whatever is on it goes in the house.

If you have the system under a constant vacuum these debris will be filtered outsideNADCA Logo through negative air machines. That’s why we do the method we do. The downfall about rotobrush is the system is not under a vacuum. So that means every time they pull out that spinning brush whatever is on it goes flying around your house. The other big draw back about that system is the vacuum inlet hole. Roto has a vacuum inlet the size of a nickel. Our Vacuum line is 10 inches in diameter. With that said I have sucked anything you can possibly think of out of duct work.  Just a few thing for example dead animals, toys, food, and construction debris.

Now you can’t possibly suck that stuff up through a hole the size of a nickel. Another down fall of that system is at times it can be to hard on flexible duct work. I have gone after certain companies and seen damage they have created by that spinning brush. Softer methods need to be taken like using compressed air. The compressed air is enough to agitate the duct but not sacrifice it. One of the other issues we have with the roto system is you can’t properly sanitize the system. if you have mold in the system you have to be able to treat the entire system with a chemical.

The only way to do air duct cleaning is with negative pressure. You can clean all day long but you need chemicals to treat mold. I hope this articles clarifies a little bit about the proper air duct cleaning method to get the best results.


Ron Nichols

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