Dry Ice Blasting to remove mold

Hi I’m Ron Nichols at CMR Raleigh Duct Cleaning; our company specializes in mold testing inspections, mold remediation, and mold prevention services.

A common problem we find in Raleigh North Carolina is mold in crawlspaces and attics. The standard method of removing mold from these environments is to use a chemical cleaning method, using brushes and a chemical cleaning solution.

Dry Ice Cleaning is a vastly superior process of removing mold from these environments than a chemical mold removal process.

Dry Ice cleaning uses no chemicals, produces no odor, creates much less of a mess, and perhaps the most important advantage overall is that it uses no water; and water or moisture is what facilitated the problem in the first place.

Dry Ice cleaning is similar to sandblasting except rather than using sand as the media; the media is high-density dry ice blasting pellets. Dry ice blasting pellets are similar in shape and size to grains of rice, and the dry ice does not melt but sublimes, meaning goes directly from a solid phase two a gas phase, therefore it does not add moisture back to the surface being cleaned.

Dry ice pellets are placed in the mouth of the blaster which then mixes the dry ice pellets with air on the compressor; the technicians direct the airstream containing the dry ice blasting pellets to the surface being cleaned with the applicator nozzle.

Compared to sandblasting it’s a much more gentle cleaning process. Dry Ice cleaning is ideal for crawlspaces, but is also ideal for removing mold from the underside of the roof and ceiling and attics. Accessing attics can be especially difficult with some areas almost impossible to reach with the standard chemical cleaning method, additionally chemical cleaning methods sometimes leave a stain on the water. After dries cleaning the wood is restored to a like new appearance.

Removing mold using dry ice cleaning is safe and clean, another advantage to using Dry Ice cleaning is that the dry ice is obtained from other industrial processes, it’s made with three claimed carbon dioxide. So it really is a clean and environmentally friendly cleaning process.

If you’d like to know more about removing mold from attics and crawlspaces using dry ice cleaning, please contact Ron Nichols at CMR and ask about our mold remediation and removal.

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Mold Remediation With Dry Ice Blasting

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