The Question One Should Ask Is When Should Air Ducts be Cleaned?

The question is asked often – when should I get my dryer vent and air ducts cleaned? Many debate on this question, some experts saying every three to five years, while others say as often as certain conditions are present, such as having home remodeling projects completed. With air duct cleaning being a vital part in maintaining a home, families should take a close look at what is living in their ducts.

When air vents, such as central air-conditioning ducts, become dirty and contaminated with living organisms such as mold and bacteria, the indoor air quality in a home becomes greatly compromised. Many people who suffer greatly from allergies, from such allergens as pet dander, greatly improve their symptoms by hiring a duct cleaning company to clean their air ducts. Although no scientific evidence proves that air duct cleaning will improve a person’s health, there are studies that show that indoor air pollution can aggravate and/or cause a variety of conditions. Pollutants are known to inhabit the air ducts of heating and air-conditioning systems.

Choosing a good quality duct cleaner is also vital when improving your air quality. Make sure that the company who cleans your ducts cleans the air vents, drain pans, coils, blowers, and the other parts of the systems should be cleaned. Inside your ducts are not the only place where pollutants linger, but also on the aforementioned parts. When the cleaner is complete, he (or she) should not leave any mold, dust, or stains in your air ducts. A simple stain could contain live organisms, such as bacteria, that can eventually multiply and present a problem.

As we talked about earlier in this article, when is a good time to get you ducts cleaned. There is no simple answer. This varies based upon a large number of factors, such as the outdoor conditions (dusty, wooded, moisture), indoor smoking, and pets.

Some things to take into account when determining if you should get you ducts cleaning is:

1.) Have you had your heating or air-conditioning system checked for mold growth?

2.) A build-up of debris and dirt visible inside the ductwork.

3.) Recent construction inside your home.

4.) Moving into a new home.

The cost of duct and dryer vent cleaning will vary. Some homes with a large amount of ductwork may cost several hundred dollars, while commercial locations can run in the thousands – it all depends on the amount of duct that needs to be cleaned.

Before letting a air vent cleaning professional work on your systems, ensure that the company is properly licensed in your area, according to local laws and regulations.

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